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World Of Hyatt Announces Positive Changes For 2024

by Chris Hamilton 07 Jan 2024

World of Hyatt is making changes to elite benefits for 2024, and they are mostly good. All awards like upgrades and free nights become transferable, and more benefit choices are being added as members stay every 10 nights. It’ll be possible to confirm a suite and try out top tier benefits after fewer nights, while their Guest Of Honor benefit will be more flexible – but no longer unlimited.

What’s Changing With the World of Hyatt Program?

Loyalty programs generally cater to the ultra-elite traveler leaving subpar benefits for the casual traveler. Starting in the new year, Hyatt is looking to change that with the new World of Hyatt Milestone Rewards programs, designed to offer choices at each level.

Starting at 20 nights and continuing up to 150 nights in a calendar year, members will be recognized for every 10 nights stayed with Hyatt hotels. This now makes Hyatt the only program to reward ultra-road warriors who stay more than 100 nights a year.

Hyatt is also opening up the World of Hyatt program to allow more unique lifestyle rewards in an effort to help members create lasting memories. At many points throughout the new World of Hyatt program you’ll be able to unlock FIND experience credits and free nights at the exclusive Miraval-brand resorts.

It’s important to point out that nothing is changing with the way you currently achieve elite status in the program. Rather, World of Hyatt is adding more rewards to its top-tier Globalist status along the journey.

Guest of Honor Changes

One of the unique benefits in travel, the Guest of Honor benefit, allows Globalist members to “gift” their status to a non-Globalist member. This gives anyone granted a Guest of Honor booking the chance to experience top-tier Hyatt benefits during their stay. The Guest of Honor can enjoy free breakfast, suite upgrades, late checkout and more. Currently, the Guest of Honor benefit is only valid on award stays, and it must be booked by the Globalist member.

However, starting in 2024, the Guest of Honor benefit will be available as a reward once you reach 40 nights. This means Explorist status members will gain access to this valuable perk that was previously available to Globalists only. Perhaps one of the most exciting changes is that this benefit can be used for stays up to seven nights, either booked with points or booked with cash. So, Globalist members no longer have to book a stay on behalf of another guest.

Additionally, the member gifting the award will get an extra perk: one elite night credit as a thank you, regardless of the length of the Guest of Honor stay. The Guest of Honor will also receive elite night credits and points for the eligible duration of their stay.

On the downside, these changes also mean that unlimited Guest of Honor privileges are going away for Globalists. However, those who earned Globalist status for all or part of 2024 will receive five of the new Guest of Honor Awards in their accounts up front sometime in January 2024. Further, Lifetime Globalists will receive five Guest of Honor awards each year on or around March 1.

Note that those who are currently Globalists or who earn Globalist status by December 21, 2023 can continue to use the legacy Guest of Honor benefit until their status expires.

Business Rewards

If you plan travel for others or book meetings and events at Hyatt hotels, you’ve now got a path toward elite status. For every $5,000 spent as a travel planner, travel advisor, small business administrator or event planner, you’ll earn two qualifying night credits per year on up to $150,000 in annual spend. That means you can earn a total of 60 qualifying night credits per year, which is exactly what you need to reach Globalist status.

New Milestone Rewards

The new Milestone Rewards by Hyatt are a game-changer, allowing guests to choose the type of rewards that best fit their travel preferences.

20 Nights or 35,000 Base Points

Your choice of:

  • 2k Next Stay Award
  • Two Club Access Awards
  • $25 FIND Experience Credit

The 2k Next Stay Award allows you to earn 2,000 bonus points on your next stay at participating Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Caption or UrCove hotels worldwide.

The FIND Experience Credits can be used for any FIND experience worldwide and will be stackable—if you accumulate various credits through the different milestones, you’ll be able to use more than one at a time.

30 Nights or 50,000 Base Points

All members will receive a Category 1-4 Free Night Award and can choose an award from the following:

  • 2k Next Stay Award
  • Two Club Access Award
  • $25 FIND Credit

40 Nights or 65,000 Base Points

All members will receive their first Guest of Honor Award which can be used for yourself or gifted to someone else for up to seven nights. You’ll also be able to choose from:

  • 5,000 bonus points
  • One Suite Upgrade Award
  • $150 FIND Credit

50 Nights or 80,000 Base Points

Your choice of:

  • 5,000 Bonus Points
  • Two Suite Upgrade Rewards
  • $150 FIND Credit

60 Nights or 100,000 Base Points

Apart from your Globalist status, everyone who reaches this level will receive four extra benefits. No need to choose, as all of these will be yours at this level:

  • Two Guest of Honor Awards
  • Category 1-7 Free Night Award
  • Two Suite Night Awards
  • Access to My Hyatt Concierge

70, 80 and 90 Nights

At each milestone you will receive one additional Guest of Honor Award and your choice of:

  • 10,000 bonus points
  • One Suite Upgrade Award
  • $300 FIND Experience Credit

100 Nights

At this prestigious level, you’ll receive another Category 1-7 Free Night Award and your choice of:

  • 10,000 bonus points
  • One Suite Night Award
  • One Miraval Extra Night Award

The Miraval Extra Night Award allows you to enjoy a complimentary second night when booking one night using either cash or points.

110, 120, 130 and 140 Nights

At each milestone you’ll receive another Guest of Honor Award and your choice of:

  • 10,000 Bonus Points
  • One Suite Upgrade Award
  • One Miraval Extra Night Award

150 Nights

At the highest level in the new World of Hyatt program, you’ll now unlock the most exclusive reward that Hyatt has to offer, the Ultimate Free Night Award.

With this award, you’ll receive one free night to use at any participating Category 1-8 hotel, Category A-F all-inclusive resort or participating Miraval resort, unlocking nearly every hotel in the World of Hyatt portfolio.

In addition to this new award, you’ll receive your choice of:

  • 10,000 Bonus Points
  • One Suite Upgrade Award
  • One Miraval Extra Night Award

How To Use and Share These New Rewards

Perhaps one of the most underrated changes is the ability to use the majority of these rewards online. If you’re looking to grant the Guest of Honor benefit to a friend or family member, you’ll be able to log in to your World of Hyatt account and transfer the reward to them without having to go through a call center.

If you choose to use it yourself, select the reward by logging in to your account and clicking on redeem. This will take you through a booking flow where the benefit will be applied to your stay.

Miraval Free Night rewards will be redeemable by calling the Miraval Guest Service center.

Finally, the FIND experience credits will be displayed in your account. Each reward will come with a unique code. When you check out and pay for your FIND experience, simply apply the code like a gift card code, and the relevant discount will be applied to the account.

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