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World Of Hyatt Explorist & Globalist Fast Track Offer

by Chris Hamilton 14 May 2023

Hyatt has launched a new Explorist and Globalist fast track offer for Bilt Rewards members who sign up and link their accounts by April 1, 2023.

The offer comes with a trial Explorist status for April 17 – July 16, 2023, that you can extend through February 2025 by consuming 10 qualifying nights or upgraded to Globalist by having 20 eligible nights.

You can access Hyatt here.

Signing up for Bilt Rewards doesn’t require being a US citizen or permanent resident. You only need a US phone number to receive a text message with a code to complete the signup.

Also, you do NOT need to sign up for the Bilt Mastercard to qualify for this offer. Remember to uncheck the box during the signup process that is automatically selected.

Not a BILT member? No worries! We can help to get this fast track offer! 

Check out this offer --- Hyatt Fast Track Challenge

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