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What is mattress run and Why we need it?

by RenZhihong 16 Dec 2022
Mattress running is to hotels as mileage running is to airlines. Essentially a mattress run is when you check into a hotel exclusively for the loyalty program related perks that it offers. When you mattress run you have to physically check into the hotel. Whether or not you choose to spend the night is up to you.
The idea is that the cost of the stay is offset by the benefits of earning additional points. Purists would argue that you don't use the room in a true mattress run. Instead, you check in and then leave the property.
But, many would also say it's a mattress run as long as you wouldn't have booked the stay if it wasn't for the points or elite nights you'll earn.
While it might sound wasteful, completing a mattress run can make sense for several reasons.
Here with us, we can provide virtual mattress run for you so you don't have to physically check in yourself. We will find the proper hotels and take care of everything, and help save time and money for you!
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