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Hilton “Double Night Credits” Promotion, Through December 31

by TangWeijie 17 Dec 2022

Hilton is lining up one promotion after another! In September, Hilton launched a new promotion — dubbed “Double Your Stay”. This Hilton promotion offers double points on all stays.

Now, Hilton is making it even more appealing to stay in Hilton hotels this fall. All nights stayed through the end of the year will earn double elite night credits through a new Hilton “Double Your Nights” promotion.

Let's look at the top Hilton promotions going on right now.

Hilton “Double Night Credits” Promotion

Now through December 31, 2022, all Hilton nights stayed will earn double elite night credits. That means you'll earn elite status and Milestone Bonuses twice as fast.

Remember that Hilton offers Rollover Nights for elite members. If you've already hit your Hilton elite status goals for 2022, you can use this Hilton promotion to get a head start on re-earning status in 2023.


Key Terms
  • You must register for this promotion before completing a stay for the nights to count.
  • This promotion is valid for stays completed between October 11 to December 31, 2022.
  • No limit to the number of night credits that can be earned through this Hilton promotion.
  • One additional tier-qualifying night credit will be awarded for each night stayed in the promo period.
  • Double nights will count towards Hilton Honors member's 2022 night count and will be eligible for rollover night credit.
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